Cosplay Spotlight: Kid Captain America!

Meet the Star Spangled Kid- Carson! @kidcaptainamerica on IG What is a Cosplay Quote You Live By? A cosplay quote I live by is, “I can do this all day.” It reminds me to always try my hardest.  (Little Peggy Carter is @misselliehoneybee IG) How Long Have You Been Cosplaying? I started cosplaying last… Continue reading Cosplay Spotlight: Kid Captain America!

Cosplay Spotlight: Princess Chris Cosplay

We recently came across an awesome genderbend cosplay by "Princess Chris Cosplay" and we just had to know more about this amazing Cosplayer! PC: Joey Curry IG: @joecurryphotography Be sure to check him out on facebook under "PrincessChris Cosplay" And Instagram: @princesschriscosplay PC:Nicole Horsefield (IG: @nicolehorse) 1. What’s a Cosplay quote you “live” by?  I always… Continue reading Cosplay Spotlight: Princess Chris Cosplay

Cosplay Spotlight: Just a bit of Hocus Pocus!

The witching is upon us, and we are DYING to share our favorite sisters with you! These sisters are fantastic! Winnifred: Tom Catt (IG: @thattomcatt). Mary: Canvas Cosplay (IG: @canvascosplay) Sarah: Pepper Monster (IG: @peppermonster) PC: Samuel Imagery, Otakus with Attitude (IG: @Samuel.imagery @otakuswithattitude) PC: M David Photography (@mdavid_photography)PC:Carlos A. Smith (@CASPhotography66)PC: Dew Berry Photography… Continue reading Cosplay Spotlight: Just a bit of Hocus Pocus!

Cosplay Highlight: Final Fantasy Style

We got two AMAZING Final Fantasy Cosplayers that we want to share with you! First up Ninachuu Cosplay (IG: @ninachuucosplay) Zell Dincht (FFVIII) PC: David "Dtjaaaa" NGO Photography (IG: @dtjaaaam) Rhinos Heartilly (FFVIII) PC: Cristal Craft Photography (IG: @Cristalcraftphotography)and another beautiful picture of Rinoa PC: Rafael Saldana Next we have Christina Sciorilli- better known as… Continue reading Cosplay Highlight: Final Fantasy Style