Sailor Soldiers in the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween may have passed us by, but Fall isn’t over just yet! Some of our Geek-E team, along with some amazing Long Island Cosplayers!

We’d like to thank Schmitt’s Family Farm in Melville for the lovely location!

Brent D. Job of @mdphotography1 (on instagram) caught this All-Star cast with his lens! Be sure to find them on Facebook and Instagram and give them a follow!

Beautiful Cosplayer Extroadinaire- Shiva Larson (@shiva_larson) as Setsuna/Sailor Pluto

Our Staff Writer- The Elegant Aurelian Cosplay (@aureliancosplay) as Michiru/Sailor Neptune

LI Cosplay Royalty- the Radiant Rizuki (@rizuki) as Haruka/Sailor Uranus

An upcoming shooting star in our LI community- The Fabulous Nianyanyan Cosplay (@Nianyanyancosplay) as Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

Our Staff Writer- the Dazzling AriaMoon Cosplay (@ariamooncosplay) as Makoto/Sailor Jupiter

Our Staff Writer- The Enticing Chocobobutt (@chocobobutt) as Rei/Sailor Mars

The Enchanting Citrus Witch Cosplay (@thecitruswitch) as Minako/Sailor Venus

Our Staff Writer- the Captivating and radiant Fairwind Cosplay (@fairwindcosplay) as Ami/Sailor Mercury

Our Junior Ambassador- the Adorable Small Lady Fiona (FB only) as ChibiUsa/ Sailor ChibiMoon

and our Editor-in-Chief, the charming Lauren Clover (@lauren_clover) as Usagi/Sailor Moon

This group had such a great time together! They did have to stop a few times to take pictures with some new friends, but it was magical to see them bring these beloved characters to life!

Well maybe not always…

Fun fact: Usagi and ChibiUsa are being portrayed by a real mother/daughter duo.

We all know Haruka and Michiru are couple goals…but does anyone ship anyone else?

Usagi teaches us to keep the best people around us, and the importance of friendship.ChibiUsa has the best family around her.

Don’t worry. When things get rough- These are the Soldiers of Love and Justice who will defend the planet.

We hope you enjoyed this shoot! We are hoping to do more in the future with this same cast! Got any ideas for themes? Let us know what you think!

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