Nintendo Direct 9.4.19 Recap

By C.M.S.

The Tokyo Game show is almost upon us and, in true Nintendo fashion, they have released a Nintendo Direct ahead of time. Nintendo likes to show their lineup on their own time and seperate from other companies to maximize their attention and viewership. This particular direct got mixed reviews as many games were announced and even a surprise but to others it seemed Nintendo was still holding tons of information back from us. 

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Nintendo started strong with Overwatch finally coming to the Switch. Overwatch is a massively popular game and now its finally going to be on all consoles. The game is said to come out on Switch on October 15th. I for one think that the Switch is going to bring new gameplay methods into the competitive side of Overwatch but only time will tell if that happens. 

Nintendo then proceeded to have Shinya Takahashi guide the direct. For those who don’t know, Takahashi is the General Manager of the Entertainment Planning & Development Division (which is a fancy title for head of software development). He led us into a collection of games, starting with Luigi’s Mansion. The new features in this direct were about the particular suites in the Mansion. Each suit has it’s own theme and we got to see a few from pyramids, disco and pirates. There is also going to be a new mode called “Scream Park” where you race against other players to destroy the most ghosts. It’s a nice multiplayer addition for 2 to 8 players that is sure to be a future party game hit for Luigi’s Mansion fans. For those ready to get the game, it is available this year on the appropriate date of Halloween.

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Some other games to look forward to are a Free to start Kirby game (that’s available today to play) called Super Kirby Clash. This game is reminiscent of Zelda: Four swords where you have to use multiple Kirby’s to solve each level. There are currently over 100 quests available today.  After 25 years, the classic rpg Trials of Mana is getting a remake and in a twist it is not going to be turn based gameplay. Trials of Mana is set to release April 24th, 2020. A new mystery game titled Return of the Obra Dinn involving time travel is set to release fall 2019. Little town Hero was announced from Game Freak featuring turn-based battles in a very Harvest Moon styled game. You can pre-purchase Little Town hero today before it’s release on October 16th.

We got to see more of Zelda: Link’s Awakening which is releasing soon on September 20th. Nintendo revealed a new chamber feature where the player can design their own dungeon and try others dungeons in a Mario Maker style setting. More of Dragon Quest 11 S was shown where you can play in the new hd graphics or in 2d style. There is going to be free DLC with any Champions pack of the game that is set to help with resources for our adventurers. Dragon Quest is releasing soon, September 27th and has a free demo to play today.

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One of my own personal favorites is coming to the switch, Tokyo Mirage. Tokyo Mirage is a mix of the beloved Fire Emblem and Persona franchises and with this new release there is going to be a new song for the Switch edition. Tokyo Mirage is set to release on Switch on Jan 17th, 2020. 14 years ago Deadly Premonition released and in 2020 we have Deadly Premonition 2 coming to the switch. In the eshop today you can play the original Deadly Premonitions to hold you over till we have a set date on the sequel. There were a few online rpgs announced for the Switch such as Divinity: Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition which is available today and can cross save with your Steam account and Dauntless.

The online shop is getting Super Nintendo classic games added to it today and in celebration for online members only you can get a Super Ninteno Classic Controller attachment for your switch for $29.99 to play all your classic games with. Tetris 99 is getting an update today as well with a new difficulty for all you puzzle game fans. Mario and sonic at the Tokyo Olympics is going to have some levels in a retro 2d style gameplay as well as a new story mode which will release on November 5th. Daemon X Machina Demo is out today for those looking forward to that mech heavy game. Daemon X Machina is releasing soon on September 13th. Star wars Jedi Knight 2 is releasing September 24th (we got to see that gameplay earlier at Gamescon).

Other games we had already seen in other directs coming to the Switch were Witcher 3, Assassins Creed Black flag and Rogue, Just Dance 2020, Farming Simulator, Grid, Ni No Kuni, NBA,  Call of Cthulu, Outerworlds, DMC 2, Vampyr and Doom 64.

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Some of the biggest announcements on the direct last night were about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon and Animal Crossing. First, something many fans were waiting for is when Banjo & Kazooie would be playable and that answer is today. Sakurai even had a special video after the direct to show you how to play Banjo & Kazooie. You can follow this link to watch it yourself.

Right after the announcement, another was made as they introduced the 4th character out of the 5 promised DLCs, Terry from Fatal Fury is going to be the next character for Smash and he is coming in November 2019. They also announced that more DLC fighters are in developments besides the original 5. It’s anyone’s guess who these new characters are going to be and how many there will be in total now.

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Pokemon was another big section of the direct last night. They showed the customization of your characters from having outerwear ; and finally having gloves in those cold ares, to makeup and hairstyles. I was particularly excited to see you can have an undercut as a choice of hairstyle. They also announced Pokemon Camp which is a camp you can set up anywhere in the wild and play with your pokemon. You can visit other trainers camps as well and make friends with their Pokemon too. Also in the camp you can cook curry, which is a regional favorite dish, to feed your pokemon. This is going to be the way to boost your Pokemon’s stats, and there are over 100 types of curry to make in the game. We still didn’t get to see the evolutions for the starters but we did get two new pokemon shown. The first was Polteageist which is a ghost pokemon. It’s literally tea that has become sentient inside a teacup (and I love it). The other Pokemon announced was Cramorant which is a blue pelican looking Pokemon that is water and flying type. It has a special ability called Gulp Missile, and it can be triggered during battles. After Cramorant uses Surf or Dive, it will return with a catch in its mouth. If it takes damage while in this state, Cramorant will retaliate by spitting out its catch at the attacker. Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming out November 15th so we still have plenty of time to find out some more news about the game.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons was the last game to show on the direct. We got a special infomercial from Tom Nook Inc on it which was adorable like the game always is. We learned that you start off with a Nookphone and tent, and can craft any supplies you need, or buy them using bells from Tom Nook himself. You also join a Miles club where you can learn new crafting recipes of all kinds.There were some very adorable moments of the trailer like the fact that you can make flower crowns out of any flowers picked or that eating apples makes you chop down trees faster. The game is going to have 4 players be able to play locally and up to 8 online. Animal Crossing New Horizons is set to release March 20th, 2020.  That ended the Nintendo Direct….or so we thought.

At the last moment they showed that Xenoblade Cronicles is getting a Remaster called Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Switch. There is no word on an exact date but is scheduled for sometime in 2020. If you want to watch the Nintendo direct for yourself, you can here. Let us know what you are more excited about. 

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