Cosplay Spotlight: Kid Captain America!

Meet the Star Spangled Kid- Carson!

@kidcaptainamerica on IG

What is a Cosplay Quote You Live By?

A cosplay quote I live by is, “I can do this all day.” It reminds me to always try my hardest. 

(Little Peggy Carter is @misselliehoneybee IG)

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?

I started cosplaying last June after I got my first Cap costume at Disneyland. I put on the costume and walked around with it on all day. I liked people calling me Cap so sometimes I would salute them! 

What Inspired You To Start?

Last April I watched all the Marvel movies so I could go see Infinity War. I really liked all the characters. 

Current Favorite Cosplay of Yours?

My favorite cosplay is Spiderham. We made the ears and nose to put on my old Spidey suit. 

Dream Cosplay to Eventually Do?

I want to do a Quantum Realm suit or Fat Thor cosplay. He was so funny! 

Why Cosplay?

I cosplay because I like to pretend I am my favorite characters. I went to my first convention in April and I am excited to go to more conventions and meet other people who like to cosplay too. 

Thank you again to Carson, and his mother (and photographer) Lindsey, for letting us get to know you better! We can’t wait to see what future cosplays you come up with!

Be sure to check out this amazing kid on social media!

Stay Geek-E!

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