Sailor Soldiers in the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween may have passed us by, but Fall isn't over just yet! Some of our Geek-E team, along with some amazing Long Island Cosplayers! We'd like to thank Schmitt's Family Farm in Melville for the lovely location! Brent D. Job of @mdphotography1 (on instagram) caught this All-Star cast with his lens! Be sure to find… Continue reading Sailor Soldiers in the Pumpkin Patch

Big Screen vs. Small Screen: The State of the MTU and the Greater MCU

By Tim Biasi   Marvel Studios and Disney have made no bones about the fact that “It’s All Connected”, speaking of course of their television series and their box office juggernaut of a cinematic universe. However, despite their assurances that it’s all connected, in the immortal words of Thor in “Ragnarok”…is it though? Let’s dive… Continue reading Big Screen vs. Small Screen: The State of the MTU and the Greater MCU

Cosplay Spotlight: Kid Captain America!

Meet the Star Spangled Kid- Carson! @kidcaptainamerica on IG What is a Cosplay Quote You Live By? A cosplay quote I live by is, “I can do this all day.” It reminds me to always try my hardest.  (Little Peggy Carter is @misselliehoneybee IG) How Long Have You Been Cosplaying? I started cosplaying last… Continue reading Cosplay Spotlight: Kid Captain America!

Cosplay Spotlight: Princess Chris Cosplay

We recently came across an awesome genderbend cosplay by "Princess Chris Cosplay" and we just had to know more about this amazing Cosplayer! PC: Joey Curry IG: @joecurryphotography Be sure to check him out on facebook under "PrincessChris Cosplay" And Instagram: @princesschriscosplay PC:Nicole Horsefield (IG: @nicolehorse) 1. What’s a Cosplay quote you “live” by?  I always… Continue reading Cosplay Spotlight: Princess Chris Cosplay

Cosplay Spotlight: Just a bit of Hocus Pocus!

The witching is upon us, and we are DYING to share our favorite sisters with you! These sisters are fantastic! Winnifred: Tom Catt (IG: @thattomcatt). Mary: Canvas Cosplay (IG: @canvascosplay) Sarah: Pepper Monster (IG: @peppermonster) PC: Samuel Imagery, Otakus with Attitude (IG: @Samuel.imagery @otakuswithattitude) PC: M David Photography (@mdavid_photography)PC:Carlos A. Smith (@CASPhotography66)PC: Dew Berry Photography… Continue reading Cosplay Spotlight: Just a bit of Hocus Pocus!

Cosplay Highlight: Final Fantasy Style

We got two AMAZING Final Fantasy Cosplayers that we want to share with you! First up Ninachuu Cosplay (IG: @ninachuucosplay) Zell Dincht (FFVIII) PC: David "Dtjaaaa" NGO Photography (IG: @dtjaaaam) Rhinos Heartilly (FFVIII) PC: Cristal Craft Photography (IG: @Cristalcraftphotography)and another beautiful picture of Rinoa PC: Rafael Saldana Next we have Christina Sciorilli- better known as… Continue reading Cosplay Highlight: Final Fantasy Style